But I can not write!

There is something about writing (typing) your thoughts.

One ... it shows you how bad your typing is and two ... you can not spell ...

No ... there are some REAL benefits to blog.

A blog comes from the word weblog. A log, on the web. A blog.

When you write you gather your thoughts. You put ideas together.

It is also something to go back to.

It is something to share with other people.

The aim of this blog is sharing some ideas with you. The ideas will be focus on entrepreneurship.

Why entrepreneur development? The more and better skills you have the better and more successful you will be in your business.

Developing skills starts with learning. Discovering something someone shares with you.It is the ah-ha moment. When it all just makes sense.

Like this blog. Start writing. Daily. Even if it is just a couple of words. Think about what you learned and what you can share. Work from there.

It is like thinking about what you are grateful about today.

I know ... there are some days you "really" can not be grateful. The world is against you.

Writing is the same. There are days you really need to sit and do it.

One of my favorite authors is Dan Kennedy. He talks about writers block. How some people just cannot sit down and start. He says it is a daily thing. Just start. Do it.

Why not you?